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  • Image of PATH: Digital Graphic Novel
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When a neurotic bunny named Doppler and an elephant named Dodge cross paths in a harrowing and unforgiving world, their unlikely partnership is only the beginning of an incredible adventure. From crocidogs to hare driven mechanical giants, the duo must work together to escape danger at every turn.

About the Book

-Over 75 pages of action-packed mayhem across an alien landscape teeming with creatures, robots and monsters

-Exclusive pinup gallery!

-All ages

-Black and white

This downloadable collection is a DRM free PDF download for your computer and mobile devices.

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**As CreatureBox begins its journey exploring new ideas in the forms of comics, graphic novels and shorts, we're looking back at some of the stories we created years ago that helped to spur our current work. PATH is a personal story that is meant for readers of all ages. Originally published in limited print release in 2008, we're excited to offer this updated digital version for the first time.